Critical infrastructure, Warfighters, and civil servants face a wide range of electromagnetic threats such as EMP, solar flares, exposure to data theft, hacking, and malicious directed energy attacks. The Electromagnetic Security Consortium (ESC) has been created to incubate, prototype, and deploy technologies that mitigate both environmental and man-made electromagnetic threats. Through collaboration with government agencies, national labs, academia, and industry, ESC provides solutions to federal and US industrial base critical infrastructure.



  • Standards & Best Practices
  • Collaboration & Innovation between government, academia, & Industry
  • Research & Development
  • Technology Transition and Deployment
  • Production & Procurement Programs
  • Government Relations and Advocacy


The Electromagnetic Security Consortium (ESC) is an industry led and member owned consortium that collaborates with federal agencies, national labs, academia, and industry to accelerate and facilitate Electromagnetic Protection (EP) solutions for US Federal and Industrial Base Critical Infrastructure. As the United States prepares to make enormous investments in critical infrastructure and reshoring U.S. manufacturing, the ESC and its members will play a key role in ensuring our Nation’s investments are secure.

  • Develop, publish, and update industry framework and best practices through readily available standards and certifications.
  • Unify and leverage the capabilities of shielding solutions providers to best meet customer needs.
  • Continuously monitor current and emerging threat landscapes and ensure responses and solutions that are both timely and appropriately scoped.
  • Introduce new and innovative shielding solutions.
  • Ensure solutions are provided by a robust and resilient US Defense Industrial Base.
  • Organize and facilitate Working Groups that help drive Policy, Standards, Threat Monitoring, new Solutions, existing issues etc.
  • Advocacy and market development, on behalf of the consortium and its members, to best meet market needs.
  • Execute research, qualification, domestic capabilities, and facility shielding installation programs and solutions via Other Transaction Authority or other contracts, through either classified or unclassified channels .