Working Groups (WG) are a key aspect of how the ESC is organized and influences policy, requirements, and industry standards for electromagnetic security, shielding, and protection. Members may participate in one or more WG, and both general and sustaining members are eligible to lead WG and vote regarding activities and publications. Below is a short description of our current Working Groups. We look forward to participation, insights, and contributions from all participating members. Members may also suggest topics for formation of new Working Groups.

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Electromagnetic Protection sits at the confluence of physical security, information technology security, and cybersecurity. It is a rapidly growing area driven by many types of vulnerabilities that affect both government and the private sector. Despite this, electromagnetic protection is not yet well recognized as an addressable need for both public and private sectors. A main goal of the ESC is to work with and ensure that both have protective capabilities at the needed levels, now and in the future. The Policy WG will work with lawmakers and lobbying groups to ensure that the ESC community is represented, and that the importance of  electromagnetic shielding is supported through policy development, requirements, best practices, and certification. Through outreach and advocacy, the Policy WG will ensure that the ESC has a strong voice within policy and requirements.


The Standards and Best Practices WG will develop and publish industry standards that are suitable for adoption by both federal and commercial users in all Critical Infrastructure Sectors. This is especially critical for non-federal sectors, where there are currently no standards to address electromagnetic vulnerabilities. Federal standards have been slow to update with best available technologies. Through new industry-driven standards, both federal and commercial facilities will have an available reference framework for implementing electromagnetic protection for their missions, in their facilities. Through this WG, the ESC will develop standards and best practices based on the framework of Secure Work Environments (SWE)™. The SWE framework informs end-users to assess their risk and the appropriate level of electromagnetic threat mitigation that is effective in terms of cost and performance.
* Secure Work Environments (SWE)™ RF Defense has submitted for a Trademark


The Test and Certification WG will focus on establishing consistent, straightforward, and affordable baseline and performance testing methods at end-user facilities. The Test and Certification WG will also support and streamline testing and certification of potential new shielding products and technologies. The process for qualifying and adopting new technologies within the federal space is fragmented and virtually non-existent. The ESC will serve as a referenceable certification “stamp of approval” for shielding products and technologies. Baseline and performance testing for end-user locations is a critical function that is grossly underserved in the market today. The ESC will not replace formal federal certifications where needed, but will provide a valuable cross reference. Where federal certification is not needed, the test and certification WG will help end-users in the industry acquire test and certification (in accordance with the Standards developed and approved by the Standards and Best Practices WG) to assure confidence that their facilities are appropriately secured using verified products.


The Threats and Vulnerabilities WG will focus on tracking and understanding existing and emerging threats and identifying the appropriate level of ountermeasures. This WG will also engage in end-user outreach to educate the market on threats and mitigation strategies. The threat landscape is ever evolving and linked to global political dynamics and national security threats. The ESC and its members must be prepared to respond quickly, efficiently, and effectively to defend our nation and ensure electromagnetic superiority.


Critical infrastructure encompasses everything from utilities to the industrial base, telecommunications, datacenters, the financial sector and more. The Secure Critical Infrastructure WG will focus on driving new levels of security and best practices based on the outcomes and input from the other Working Groups. We will collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure our Nation’s investments into critical infrastructure are secure against our adversaries and protect our Nation’s intellectual property and interests.


The Workforce Development WG will be centered on personalized learning, leadership, and hands on experiences in state-of-the-art electromagnetic shielding technologies and mitigation strategies. We will work with our members and stakeholders to develop relevant training curriculum based on evolving standards and best practices and emerging threats and mitigation strategies developed in our complimentary working groups. Our workforce development programs will be open to both the public and private sector for training and certifications.


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